denisesaleh...fine art
Pet Portraits and Greyhound artCreature FeatureSerenity DisruptedCarpThrough It Perfect MistakeCome OriginalSomething from NothingTrying to Fit InGolden EggBubblesSame Kind of DifferentOpposites AttractRed AreasBlue on the RocksSlice of BlueKind of BlueMethod One BlueLayersSubstrata Green CompositeFireSpillAfter the Fire IIRegrowthTreasureSurfaceOlivePuttyOpeningInner AreaComponentsSurface GoldDusk
Artist Statement:

I hope that you are moved in some way by my work. A piece of art elicits a reaction from the viewer that is more spontaneous when it is free from influence by the artist's verbal description. I want whoever views my work to have a visual and emotional response and be free to interpret it as an individual experience. I enjoy making art and the experimentation process. I am inspired by many other artists. Some of my favorites are Karl Umlauf, a Texas artist known for his great experimentation and references to geological forms. I also admire the work of Alden Mason, a noted artist widely exhibited in the Northwest United States and the Seattle Museum of Modern Art. I have worked many years as a graphic designer and illustrator however my first love is making mixed media art. I also do commissioned pet portraits and have used my art as a fund raising tool for Greyhound adoption and animal rescue groups.