denisesaleh...fine art

Artist Statement:

I hope that you are moved in some way by my work. A piece of art elicits a reaction from the viewer that is more spontaneous when it is free from influence by the artist's verbal description. I want whoever views my work to have a raw visual and emotional response and be free to interpret it as an individual experience. I enjoy the experimental process of using new and different materials and techniques in making art. I am inspired by many other artists and travel to different areas of the world. I am fascinated with geological forms and the designs that nature provides us every day in living things. I have worked as an artist, graphic designer and illustrator for my entire adult life. My first love is making mixed media art. I also do commissioned work including pet portraits. I have used my art as a means to raise funding for Greyhound rescue and adoption as well as local animal rescues and animal assisted therapy work.