denisesaleh...fine art
Artist Statement:

"I want whoever views my work to have a response that is not influenced by any verbal description or analysis from me, as the artist. A piece of art strikes someone in an emotional way and cannot and should not be influenced by verbal or written word. Too much "artist's meaning" talk just seems to dampen the effect. So I hope you are moved in some way by my work."

Denise Saleh is inspired by the stylistic diversity of Alden Mason, a noted artist, widely exhibited in the Northwest and the Seattle Museum of Modern Art. "Experimentation is key to the process of making art". Also inspired by the works of Karl Umlauf, known for great experimentation and visual reference to geological formations.

Denise Saleh has attended university classes and workshops and studied art since early childhood, learning from many artists for over forty years. Travels to Europe and many US cities' museums and galleries, have forged deep roots in creating art. Creating graphic designs for businesses and non-profit organizations since the 1970's, she was formally educated as a graphic designer and illustrator before digital accessibility.